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Ghanaian Actress loved by many. Felicity Ama Agyemang, popularly referred to as Nana Ama McBrown or Empress, is one of the most successful actresses in Ghana. Her fame is based on her versatility in movies. In this write up we’ll concentrate on the businesses run by the Actress.

She gained attention due to her performance in the Ghanaian film “Asoreba”, where she did her best. Mcbrown is the current host of the entertainment talk shows United Showbiz on the popular television station, U.T.V. She hosts a cooking show on T.V. called Mcbrown’s Kitchen. She’s also a T.V. presenter as well as a songwriter.

The Actress of 44 was born in Kumasi on the 15th of August in 1977. McBrown was raised in a town located in Kumasi known as Kwadaso, in which she lived with her aunt and her adopted father after her mother and father were unable to provide for her and her other six siblings.

Empress was a student at St. Peter’s international residential school prior to Minnesota International and later to Central International. She ended up becoming dropped out of school from Kwadaso L. A J.S.S. Mcbrown was unable to sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examinations. Later, she obtained an administrative certification through The College of Business.

Since her debut, she’s appeared in various films. In 2001, she was a part of a movie called “That Day”. The performance enabled her to be a part of the T.V. show “Tentacles”, where she gained notoriety as an actor. Six years after, Ama appeared in a movie called “Asoreba” with stars including Agya Koo, Mercy Asiedu, Mr. beautiful and many others.

McBrown received the honour of being her role as the “Nkosuohemaa” (Queen-mother of development) of Assin-Basiako near Assin Fosu, Fosu within the Central region Region, Ghana 2007. Nana Ama is married to her longtime lover, Maxwell Mawu Mensah.

As a child, from primary school to secondary school, I repeatedly heard from nearly every teacher that education is the essential factor to success’.

The minds of our children have been trained in such a way that we believe this is the only method to be a success in this world.

I started to look at this statement differently during and after my university time and concluded that this isn’t the case in all situations.

Ghanaian actor Nana Ama McBrown is an exemplary testimony, just like other business owners like Osei Kwame Despite. To make this piece, I’ll concentrate on Nana Ama, who has not accomplished much in education but is currently the wealthiest Actress of her generation in Ghana.

The multi-talented and versatile Actress is one of the most loved, well-known, admired and wealthy Ghanaian female actors. Her expertise in her work has earned her a lot of respect for long periods.

Although she didn’t complete her elementary schooling, she’s able to perform flawlessly in the Akan or English languages and performs on stage, just like an expert.

The 44-year-old Actress who has hundreds of movies to her credit can’t even boast of a BECE certificate since she could not finish J.S.S.

However, this didn’t deter McBrown since she’s been a hard worker on herself and her profession, which led her to reach her current position.

The following 5 points will explain why McBrown is the richest and successful female celebrity in Ghana and will be at the top of the list for quite a while.

Brand Ambassador And Influencer Deal

McBrown is the only female celebrity in Ghana with multiple brand ambassador agreements.

These are influential brands like Kasapreko, Hisense, Olam Ventures, Roma Insecticide Spray and Mosquito coil, Tasty Tom, MiWay Insurance, etc.

There’s no doubt that these brands will earn her vast amounts of money. The Actress is currently the only Ghanaian actor with the highest number of brands influencer contracts.


The beautiful Actress has several homes in the two main cities in Ghana; Accra and Kumasi. She showed off one of her gorgeous homes in Accra, which was filled with luxury and expensive vehicles at some point in time.

In the reports, she has an estate in Kumasi, a mini-city. To date, there’s been none other Actress (es) who own such property under their names. Cars The mother of one enjoys a sense of the luxurious when it comes to automobiles. She is a very proud owner of Range Rover, Benz, Hummer and numerous other vehicles. Interestingly, she doesn’t show them off on social media as other individuals have done.

Charitable Work

Nana Ama McBrown is well-known for her generous heart and charity work. The most recent act of kindness was to donate the whole structure at an orphanage within the Ashanti Region during the first anniversary celebrations of their daughter Maxin Mawusi Mawu.

McBrown Kitchen never ends without giving away numerous souvenirs for her guests. Even though the items come from sponsors, they might have kept them rather than give them away. We have yet to hear of any other celebrity giving away the whole structure.


Aside from the major brands mentioned above, numerous others, such as proprietors of restaurants, cosmetics, etc., are looking to capitalize on the popularity of the gorgeous Actress. One of them is Nyonyo Restaurant, Aligina Makeover, and different fashion labels.

It’s not surprising that she was awarded an ambassadorship deal for her daughter of one-year-old Baby Maxin from Amalena Children’s Haven.


She has excellent taste in fashion. Yellow indeed is one of her favourite colours. She is usually seen wearing gorgeous yellow attire.

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