Tink Net Worth: Tink is an American rapper who has a respectable net worth of $1 million. She began doing music in 2011 and is popularly known for releasing the singles titled “Treat Me Like Somebody” and “Don’t Tell Nobody” alongside Jeremih. The Illinois native has authored a lot of singles, albums, mixtapes, EPs, and many more. At one point in her musical career, she became an independent artist due to issues regarding the launch of her debut album. Despite having label issues, her 2014 mixtape titled Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours, appeared as a top 10 R&B album in popular magazines including Rolling Stone and Billboard. 

In 2015, Tink became part of the XXL Freshman Class. Her musical style has been compared to famous singers such as Lauryn Hill, Ms Jade, Da Brat, and many more. Tink’s music storyline has been about love, heartbreak, faithfulness, and teenage melodrama. She has been commended for her storytelling skills and her music has talked about issues relating to female empowerment and the Black Lives Matter movement. Tink grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and spend most of her time recording music while her debut album with Timbaland was delayed back in 2015. 


Her talent has also attracted a lot of features from various artists including Jeremih, Kelela, Yung Bleu, 2 Chainz, Future, Jacquees, 6lack, and many more. Most of her singles and albums have appeared in various music charts, with some getting certified Gold by RIAA. Tink has millions of followers across all her social media platforms, where she promotes tours, her music, endorsement deals, and many more. On Instagram, Tink has over 1.3 million followers, @official_tink, over 530K followers on Twitter,@Official_Tink and more than 200K followers on TikTok,@tink_official. In this article, we are going to discuss the net worth, earnings, salaries, career beginning, and early life abt rapper Tink. Must Read: Yeat Net Worth

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Rapper Tink? 

Tink has an accumulated net worth of $1 million. The majority of her wealth comes from her profession as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Her first album came out in 2012, and she penned down a recording agreement with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group in 2014 but did make a name until recently. The “Treat Me Like Somebody” rapper generates earnings from tours, record deals, live concerts, features, streams, and many more. 

She has a YouTube channel with over 610K subscribers, where she uploads her music videos and promotes her tours and endorsements. Tink makes roughly $80K from her YouTube channel and these earnings have played a significant role in her net worth increment. She also receives earnings from various music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, AudioMack, Spotify, and many more. 

Early Life Of Tink

Born Trinity Laure’Ale Ward (Trinity Home) on March 18, 1995, in Calumet City, Illinois. She was given the moniker Tink by her friends during her days in elementary school and it has been her nickname name since. At the age of 5, She began singing in church and developed a passion for writing songs at the age of 11, even writing songs for her father’s friends. 

Tink had her high school education at Chicago’s Simeon Career Academy, where she took part in talent shows and joined the school choir. She was one of the brilliant students in class and English was one of the subjects she was so proficient in, it groomed her to become a good writer. At the age of 15, Tink started recording music in her Dad’s basement studio, and at 16 years with help from her brother posted a short video of her freestyling to Facebook and received local buzz. Must Read: Saucy Santana Net Worth

Career Beginning Of Tink

Tink’s career kicked off after she releases the 2011 mixtape, Winter’s Diary. She was schooling when she dropped her first project under Lyrical Eyes Management. The following year, she came out with another two mixtapes Alter Ego and Blunt & Ballads. Boss Up mixtape dropped in 2013, her fourth mixtape, and was featured on “Wanna Party”, a debut single by Future Brown. Her collaboration with the latter led her to have a meeting with record executives in Los Angeles. However, during that time, she noted that she was comfortable staying independent. 

Her fifth mixtape, Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours, became the eighth-best R&B album of 2014 by Rolling Stone and the ninth-best R&B album of 2014 by Billboard. The same year, Tink performed with Sleigh Bells at South by Southwest (SXSW), and they both collaborated to release the single, “That Did It”. She also jumped on “Want It” by Kelela and “Don’t Tell Nobody” alongside Jeremih. That very same year, she signed a recording deal with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group, an imprint of Epic Records. In January 2014, Rapper Tink appeared in the Worldstar Hip Hop documentary showcasing Chicago’s burgeoning Hip Hop scene, “The Field: Chicago”. 

 In 2015, Tink’s debut studio album was scheduled to be dropped and was preceded by the “Ratchet Commandments”. That same year, the unreleased track, “Million” came out. Epic Records is scheduled to release Think Tink in July 2015, however, Timbaland holds up the project. In an interview with FADER, she said; “The album was actually finished. There was an intro, I had interludes” in 2018. “It was [Timbaland’s] call to hold back on it, and I think, I want to say, for the benefit of the doubt, he did want to perfect it. But it was Tim’s call not to put it out.” Frustrated by Mosley and Epic’s resistance to letting her share new material with her fans, Tink returned to the formula that had initially earned her a loyal following, and released her third mixtape in the Winter’s Diary series titles Winter’s Diary 3 which featured one of her most famous songs to date name “I Like”. 

In 2016, Tink dropped several tracks throughout the start of the year and released her seventh mixtape, Winter’s Diary 4. The mixtape was named on Rolling Stone’s “40 Best Rap Albums of 2016” and later on ended up at #20. The following year, she released a few tracks and went on a six-month break from social media. In an interview with DJ Vlad, she disclosed that she had not gotten in touch with Timbaland in three months and said that ball was still in Tim’s court when it came to releasing Think Tink. During that period, Tink began to look for a solution that would get her to terminate her contract with Mosley, eventually reaching an agreement with the label at the end of the year with the rights to her unreleased music. She is an independent artist for now and she does not have any interest in releasing any of her songs with Timbaland as she wants to start from scratch. 

In early 2018, Tink’s mixtape catalogue appeared on various online music streaming services. She dropped her first EP Pain & Pleasure after she departed from Mosley Music Group and Epic Records. The EP was released through Machine Entertainment Group and Sony RED. The following year, she came out with another mixtape Voicemails, under Empire Records. The lead single of the project was Bad Side. In 2020, Tink dropped an album titled Hope Romantic via Winter’s Diary and Empire. She then came out with her second album titled Heat of the Moment in 2021. Must Read: Glorilla Net Worth

Highlights Of Tink Career


Tink started recording music in 2011 and since then she dropped amazing projects including, 4 studio albums, 8 mixtapes, 2 EPs, and 22 singles. 

Studio Albums

  • Hopeless Romantic – 2020
  • Heat of the Moment – 2021
  • Pillow Talk – 2022
  • Thanks 4 Nothing – 2023


  • Winter’s Diary – 2012
  • Alter Ego – 2012
  • Blunts & Ballads – 2012
  • Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours – 2014
  • Winter’s Diary 3 – 2015
  • Winter’s Diary 4 – 2016
  • Voicemails – 2019


  • Pain & Pleasure – 2018
  • A Gift and a Curse – 2020


  • Treat Me Like Somebody – 2014
  • Lullaby – 2014
  • Ratchet Commandments – 2015
  • Million – 2015
  • I Like – 2015
  • Wet Dollars – 2015
  • Modern Wave – 2015
  • Different – 2018
  • M.I.A – 2018
  • Get You Home – 2018
  • Bad Side – 2019
  • Fuck Around – 2019
  • Cut it Out – 2020
  • Bottom Bitch – 2021
  • Selfish – 2021
  • Rebel – 2021
  • Heat of the Moment – 2021
  • Cater – 2022
  • Goofy – 2022
  • I Choose Me – 2022
  • Switch – 2022
  • Stingy – 2023


Tink is an American rapper who has accumulated a decent net worth of $1 million. Aside from being a rapper, she is also proficient in songwriting and singing. She makes most of her money from online streams, endorsement deals, and record deals. Tink is also an Adult actress who has filmed so many adult movies. Currently, she is an independent artist and dropping good singles. Must Read: ChriseanRock Net Worth

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