In this write-up, we will cover everything concerning Rick Ross, from his Instagram lifestyle, businesses, net worth, age, legal issues, and many more.

Rick Ross is well-known for his raps and philosophical views. He is a rapper, songwriter, and businessman. Ross is one of few hip-hop artists that you can’t ignore. Ross has seen it all, and he’s done it all. This article will give you a glimpse into the real “Bawse,” from his youth to where he is now.

Who Is Rick Ross?

Rick Ross Net Worth

Rick Ross is an American rapper and record executive. He is also an entrepreneur and a songwriter. He was born William Leonard Roberts II. He is also known as The Boss and Rozay, Teflon, and Renzel.

Renzel was born in Clarksdale (Mississippi) on January 28, 1976, and grew up in Carol City, Florida.

Is Rick Ross A Christian?

Rick Ross is a Christian. The rapper spoke out about his faith in God during a conversation with Corey Condrey of Lift Every Voice. Ross stated: “I had told myself at one point no matter what I go through, I never question God.”

He also stated that before he steps on stage to perform, God is his guide and protector.

Which School Did Rick Ross Attend?

William attended Miami Carol City Senior High School and, on a scholarship, went to Historically Black College Albany State University.

Rick Ross graduated from the University and worked at South Florida Reception Center as a correctional officer. Between 1995 and 1997, he was an officer for one year and seven months.

What Work Does Rick Ross Do?

Rick Ross is the CEO and founder of Maybach Music Group. He founded it in 2008. He is also a rapper and songwriter.

Maybach Music Group was founded by the “Hustlin” hitmaker. It has talented artists in the hip-hop genre who have been signed under the label.

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In early 2011, Wale and Meek Mill were signed to the record label. They released Self Made Vol.1, their debut compilation album. This brought them to the forefront.

Ross’s record label now includes Wale, Gunplay, Meek Mill, Rockie Fresh, and Rick Ross, the boss.

Other Business Ventures of Rick Ross

Since Rick Ross is into businesses and investments, it feels right to delve into other businesses of the rapper in this write-up.

Renzel is one of the smartest rappers who has managed a successful record company. Renzel is more than a rapper. He is also a businessman who makes passive income.

He is the owner of 25 Wingstop restaurants across the United States. His celebrity has added value to his food chain business.

Roberts also invested millions in a Telehealth startup called Jetdoc. The telehealth startup allows users to connect directly with medical professionals.

What Is the Net Worth Of Rick Ross?

Net Worth Of Rick Ross

Ross is one of the richest rappers you can’t overlook when making a list of rappers who are loaded in the rap game.

Rick Ross has a net worth of $40 million. Robert makes most of his money through music and record label. Since 2006, he has released ten studio albums as well as seven mixtapes.

He also has investments and business ventures that he can use to grow his wealth. After the music, Teflon will still be a The BOSS.

What Are Rick Ross’s Achievement In Music?

Roberts rose to prominence when after he released his first single, Hustlin, in 2006. Two record labels offered Roberts a deal, Murder Inc. and Bad Boy Entertainment. He eventually signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Def Jam Recordings.

Rick Ross’s debut album “Port In Miami” was released in August 2006. One hundred eighty-seven thousand copies of the album were sold out in its first week and debuted at the top of the U.S Billboard 200 charts. Ross released “Trilla” in 2008, which was his second studio album. It also reached the top spot on the Billboard 200 album charts.

Rick Ross is a blessing to many of the hip-hop artists we see today. He was instrumental in the rise of Wale, Meek Mill, and French Montana’s careers.

Rozay was nominated in 2011 for the Bet Awards, but Kanye West defeated him. He has been nominated six times for Grammys but is yet to win an award.

MTV named Ross the Hottest MC of the game in 2012. In 2010, he was awarded the Men Of The Year award by The Source.

How Many Kids Does Rick Ross Have?

Roberts is the father of four children: Berkeley Hermes Roberts (Girl), Billion Roberts (Boy), Toie Roberts (19-Year-Old), and William Roberts III (Boy).

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Who Is Rick Ross’s Wife?

Rick Ross doesn’t have a wife. However, he was engaged to Lira Mercer in 2015. It didn’t work out for them.

Brianna Camille is Rick Ross’s ex-girlfriend. She is the mother to three of his children, Billion Roberts and Berkeley Hermes, and their third child, Bliss. Bliss was born in August 2020.

Does Rick Ross Have Siblings?

Yes, Tawanda Roberts is Ross’s sister.

What Is The Official Instagram Handle Of Rick Ross?

Rick Ross’ official Instagram handle is @richforever. Rick has over 13 million Instagram followers. His IG account is filled with luxurious photos, such as albums and promotional videos.

Rick Ross supports the crafts of artists who have been signed to his Maybach Group record labels on his Instagram account.

What Is The Favourite Sport Of Ross?

Robert loves basketball. You can see him in many photos playing basketball with his friends.

What Are The Legal Issues Rick Ross Has Faced?

Ross is not different from others whose charges were pressed against them for going against the law.

There are laws in every country, just as there are in the United States. The law is the law, and no one can be above it. So, we’ve decided to let you know some of the legal issues of the rapper

  • Roberts was charged in January 2008 with marijuana and gun possession.
  • In 2008, Rick Ross was sued for assault and battery committed by DJ Vlad, a YouTube entertainer.
  • Freeway Ricky Ross sued Rick Ross in 2010 for copyright violations. He had used his name in California federal court. Jay Z, the CEO of Def Jam Records, was called to testify.
  • Rapper Ross was arrested in Shreveport for possessing marijuana in 2011. According to police records, a strong smell of marijuana was detected in Ross’s Hilton room.
  • Rozay and his guard were accused of kidnapping and attacking lands keeper, beating him with a gun in the head for owing the rapper. Ross was sentenced and fined $10,000

What causes Rick Ross and 50cent feud?

Rick Ross and 50cent feud

Rick Ross began a feud against 50 Cent, his fellow rapper because he looked at him in such a way that he made him uncomfortable at the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards. “In Da Club,” 50 Cent said that he doesn’t remember seeing Teflon Don at the event.

Rick Ross released “Mafia Music,” a song that featured lines disparaging 50 Cent, in January 2009. 50 Cent responded to Ross’s denigration of the “Mafia Music” song by releasing “Officer Ricky” (Go Head, Test Me).

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The back and forth between them continued until January 30, 2013, when 50 Cent tweeted that the shooting incident experienced on his birthday was staged. This rekindled the feud.

Ross was interviewed about 50 Cent’s story in March 2014. Ross stated that he no longer wants to talk about 50 Cent and has given up on it.

How Many Albums Does Rick Ross Have?

Since his debut on the music scene, Ross has released 11 albums and one collaboration album. Here are Rick Ross’s albums so far.

  • Port Of Miami – 2006
  • Trilla – 2008
  • Deeper Than Rap – 2009
  • Teflon Don – 2010
  • God Forgives, I Don’t – 2012
  • Mastermind – 2014
  • Hood Billionaire – 2014
  • Black Market – 2015
  • Rather You Than Me – 2017
  • Port Of Miami 2 – 2019
  • Richer Than I’ve Ever Been – 2021

Collaborative Album

Customs Cars & Cycles (with Triple C’s) – 2009.

Is Rick Ross An Actor?

Ross isn’t really an actor, but he has appeared in a few movies, including Superfly, Days Of Wrath, and Coming 2 America.

Here’s How Rick Ross Lose Weight

Reebok introduced Ross to “Ross Fit,” which helped him lose weight. “Ross Fit,” a workout program where Rick Ross performs a series of exercises in 20 minutes, includes squat jumps, boxing, sit-ups, push-ups, and weight lifting.

Rick Ross Height – How Tall Is Rick Ross?

Rick Ross is best known for his songs, including “Hustlin” and “Diced pineapples.” At 46, Rick Ross’s height is 5’11 inches and 180.3 per centimeters. Rick Ross is slightly taller than many of the hip-hop stars in the industry. The rappers that he is taller than are Lil Wayne(5’55”), Kendrick Lamar(5’6″), Tyga (5’7″), Kanye West (5’8″), DJ Khaled(5’6″), and many others.

Rick Ross’s height is highlighted when he is with his friend DJ Khaled who is 5ft 6 inches tall. DJ Khaled is 46 years old as of the time of this publication, and it appears the rapper won’t be growing in the height he has gained as he gets older.

Ross weighs 113 kilograms, 246 pounds. He put in a lot of effort to lose weight, and his weight loss was 85 pounds after quitting drinking alcohol and sleeping more.

He also works out and performs CrossFit to keep his current body weight.

Ross’s chest circumference is 45 inches, and his length is 40 inches which are better than his former weight stats, twice the current stats.


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