Nasty C

Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, well-known on stage as Nasty C, is a South African rapper, songwriter, and record producer born on the 11th of February 1997 in Diepkloof, a film borough located in Soweto, Johannesburg, is one of the top young talented rappers from South Africa. In addition to his music career, he is an actor who played the role Blood & Water and Zulu Man In Japan.

Nasty C is one of the youngest members of their family since he was the one who was born the last after his sole brother Siyabonga Ngcobo.

What Is The Height Of Nasty C?

Nasty is a man of average height who appears taller in his photographs. He has an average height of 5 feet 10 inches, equivalent to 1.8m, and weighs 166 pounds, equal to 75 kgs. Make up for the size of his Dark Brown colored eyes, and his hair color is Black.

What Is The Net Worth Of Nasty C?

Nasty C is among the richest musicians from top-quality musicians such as Die Antwoord and Cassper Nyovest, Khuli Chana, Da L.E.S, HPP, and Ntokozo Mdluli, all from South Africa with an estimated net worth of $6 million per Forbes rankings in 2022.

As of 2024, Nasty C has a net worth estimated to be $6 million.

Are Nasty C Parents Alive?

The sad thing is that Nasty C’s dad is the only one who lives as the “Bad hair” hit-maker lost his precious mother in a tragic road accident at just eleven months old, which at numerous times, he declared afflicted him since his mother was his everything and that the loss of her caused him to fall deeply in love with music, as it was the only option to deal of his grief and problems.

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Is Nasty C The Best Rapper In South Africa?

Nasty C is an emerging young, promising, and talented artist of his generation, can’t be considered the top performer of his generation in South Africa and can instead be described as being one of the top rappers among Die Antwoord, Cassper Nyovest, Jack Parow, Khuli Chana, Da L.E.S, HPP, and Ntokozo Mdluli in South Africa as these people were there to clear the way for him before he came into the spotlight of the rap scene.

When Did Nasty C Became Famous?

Nasty, as a promising and talented young rapper who was attracting the attention of everyone around his potential to become a top musician, entered the spotlight of fame at just 15 years old. After dropping his first mixtape entitled “One Kid A Thousand Coffins,” shortly after it was released, it attracted the attention of industry professionals. It gained a lot of followers across the globe.

Nasty following the release of his smash track two years after receiving the Best Freshman award during the South African Hip Hop Awards. Soon after the song was released, Nigerian Afrobeats superstar Davido contacted him to contribute a verse to his dreamy hybrid of Afrobeats and trap, titled “Coolest Kid in Africa.

Which School Did Nasty C Attend?

Nasty C was a student at Strelitzia Secondary School in Lotus Park, Durban, finishing his 12th-grade education. After completing high school, Nasty didn’t continue with his studies as he was having difficulty integrating learning and music. So, he stopped schooling and began to focus all of his energy and thoughts on making rap music, and truthfully speaking, the movie was what he had imagined.

When Did Nasty C Start Rapping?

Following the death of his mother, who was a victim of a fatal crash of a car when he was just 11 months old after his birth, he relocated with his older brother Siyabonga to Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, to be taken care of under the guidance of their father David Maviyo Ngcobo, who was a human resources director. When he was nine, he discovered an interest in music, influenced by his older brother, a music producer. From then on, he learned and mastered the process of producing music and started adding vocals to the beats that he had created.

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Why Was Nasty C Sued In 2018?

At the height of his career as an artist in 2018, Nasty C was sued by his label Feeworld Music Company for not complying with the contract of paying the percentage of endorsements and bookings to them, as stipulated in their contract. Freeworld Music went on to bring suit against 4.5million South African Rands, which is equivalent to 233,318 euros.
According to court documents filed in Johannesburg, the singer was a scumbag. His label was set to be liable for 20 percent of the revenue generated by the concert for Freeworld Music.

How Many Albums Does Nasty C Have?

As a musician, fans and followers typically consider their music as top-of-the-line based on the albums they have produced within their field, even though Nasty C is an emerging talent. A promising musician who hasn’t worked in the music field for an extended period has proven to everyone that he might not be in the business for a long time. Yet, he can create several Albums in the span of his time in show business.

As an artist, Nasty C has Four Studio Albums to his credit, including the dates and names they were made as fellows, One Kid A Thousand Coffins – 2013, C L.A.M.E EP (Extended Play Version) 2014, EP Bad Hair – 2016, and his most recent hot Album Strings and Bling, 2018.

How Many Awards Does Nasty C Have?

Nasty C is a skilled artist, he also is the best of his generation as he has won many awards to his name more than any other fellow musician of his age could imagine winning in his carrier as a young musician; Nasty has six awards right now, and these awards are, SAMAs 27 – Best Hip Hop Album, South Africa Hip-hop Awards 2015 – Best Freshman, South African Hip Hop Awards 2016 – Lyricist, 16th Metro FM Music Awards 2017- Song of the Year, 16th Metro FM Music Awards 2017- Best Male Album, 16th Metro FM Music Awards 2017- Best New Artist, and also got a nomination for BET Awards 2017 – Best International Act Africa.

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What Is Nasty C’s Zodiac Sign?

Nature has been a blessing to us for a long time, with its fair share of happiness and goodness with all on the planet. Humankind was created by nature everyone has their Zodiac Signs that connect with each other. In terms of Zodiac significations, Nasty C has a unique signification that makes him different and is Aquarius and, when the word Aqua appears, the first thing that comes to mind is nothing but water.

At this moment, you might be wondering what Aquarius is and what the zodiac signification is, so from Wikipedia‘s archives, Aquarius () is the Eleventh astrological symbol in the zodiac that originates of the constellation Aquarius. In the zodiac of tropicals, Aquarius is the Sun occurs situated in the Aquarius sign between January 21 to about February 20. In the sidereal zodiac, it is Aquarius from February 15 until March 14, according to the day of the leap year.

The most important thing to remember is that people born under these zodiac signs have persistent straightforward, honest, and simple traits. They are leaders of exceptional quality with unwavering faith and dedication to their job. Their strengths lie in honesty, hardworking, patience, caution, calm, and perseverance.

Nasty C was born on the 1st of February, 1997. It is ideally in the classification of Zodiac sign that is a calm person to hang out with since water is among the most amazing things nature provides that humans can’t endure a single day without it.

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