Maurecia Bibiinoti Buduong, a Ghanaian Celebrity and socialist widely recognized in the entertainment world as Moesha Buduong has managed to take over all social platforms after she gave the wheel to God Almighty to handle it for her as things had already taken a turn that she has no idea how and when to manage the life she just finds herself.

On a bright Sunday morning in June 2021, as Christians prepare for their regular Sunday church services and non-religious people prepare for their hot Sunday morning “Emotuo” (Rice Gun) special, the unforeseen arises as a video of social Queen Moesha emerges online in which she confesses her sins and asks God for a second chance with a new beginning.

Miss Buduong’s surprise repentance made social media fans, followers, critics, and entertainment pundits in Ghana and beyond believe they had it already, but it did not take the path they wished for as Moesha, as we all know, has done it once again by taking all media outlets worldwide on her shoulders since news of her repentance, changes, and recent happenings are all over the internet.

Following her declaration, many rumors about why she decided to convert and become a born again Christian surfaced from known and unknown sources, but on June 13th, things took an ugly turn when Moesha was spotted in a video standing on top of an unfinished building, attempting suicide by jumping off the cliff. Passers-by hurried to her aid, set her down, and she was back to her usual peaceful state in no time.

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When asked why she wants to end her precious life in this way, Moesha stated she hasn’t had it easy. She thought everything would be OK once she gave her life to Christ, but life in God has taken on a different hue. Moesha examined many evil activities and behaviors she was involved in while she was in the dark world and didn’t know Christ in this same video as a born-again Christian.

However according to Moesha, she used to smoke marijuana, also known as weed, heroin, and inject her body with some other drugs she could think of, but with the little sense God gave her, she stopped after fully understanding it was bad for her body and health, and she also continued to express her grief for introducing young girls to mega-rich sugar daddies for money.

I wasn’t pleased living this opulent lifestyle, driving beautiful vehicles, frolicking in nightclubs, and hopping from place to place for no reason other than to relax and have just as much fun as possible. All of this was spelled phonetically she reminisced on all the devilish deeds she has committed whilst on this earth.

As Moesha’s condition continues to spiral out of control, actress Sarfoa Adu has expressed her concern over the Ghanaian Slay Queen, revealing a dark secret as to why she has suddenly turned to Christ for

Thus according to Sarfoa, Moesha’s decision to become a born-again Christian is much more crucial than what the public hears, sees, or perceives. Per the statement, Moesha had an affair not long ago with a mysterious business guru who is not human but of spiritual nature, and after having sexual intercourse with Buduong, he “managed to swap her soul with death.” She wants to dedicate her life to Christ for salvation and protection against the spirit of paucity as a result of this predicament.

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She shared a photo of Moesha on her Instagram page, pleading with Ghanaians and the rest of the world to remember Moesha Buduong in their prayers as she is battling an unknown battle.

The caption under her image narrates: “She came across a business tycoon that not human and had something to do with him. (Kindly note that, no blame games here because we all aren’t virgins and have our dirty skeletons). The man exchanged her soul with death. People close to Moesha should be attentive, monitor her movements, and stay close pls. I prayed for her this dawn, I will do so always.”

But from all this, a prophet of doom who is yet to be revealed was given his portion of Moesha’s cake as irate social media users have hurled insults and curses on him for proclaiming that Moesha will perish by
the end of the year, no matter what else happens until then.

Moesha Buduong, who was recently reborn, went to all of her social media profiles to delete all nude and semi-nude pictures and videos she has already shared before her newfound life to show her fans, followers, and Africans that she has transformed and is still in her element of repentance and salvation.

She even liquidated her Range Rover Spot and donated the remaining portion of her possessions to those in need.

What do you believe is the cause of Moesha Buduong’s change of heart? Please leave your thoughts in the comments area below, and don’t forget to Like and Share so that others may read them as well.

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