Meek Mill Net Worth: Meek Mill is an American rapper who has a net worth of $20 million. The Philadelphia native started his musical career as a battle rapper and eventually formed a rap group, called Bloodhounds. Meek Mill has been in the entertainment industry since 2003. He dropped his solo first projects in 2008, including, Flamers 2: Hottest in the City.  He later worked with a few record labels here and there which include Atalanta-based rapper T.I’s record, Grand Hustle Records and has the opportunity to meet a major label record Warner Bros Records. However, the rapper had some setbacks after he was sentenced to jail for a drug and gun charge.

Meek Mill later signed for Rick Ross Maybach Music Group and released “Tupac Shakur” and “I’ma Boss”. The latter became his first-ever smash song. It got charted on Billboard Hot 100 and was spotted at #51, becoming his most successful at that period.  Throughout Mill’s career, he has worked with well-established artists including Rick Ross, T. I, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti, Akon, Future, Waka Flocka Flame, Wale, Jadakiss, Drake, and many more. Must Read: DaBaby Net Worth

How Much is The Net Worth Of Meek Mill?

Meek Mill Net Worth 2022: Meek Mill is an American rapper born in Philadelphia. He is a Philadelphia native among the top rappers and has an impressive sum. Meek Mill has a net worth of $20 million at this time.

How Does Meek Mill Make His Money?

Meek Mill’s wealth comes from his work as an artist, and he earns money through online streaming, concerts, sales of music, tours, performance, and features. Mill has also joined forces together with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation to establish the Dream Chaser Records label due to a joint venture. Meek Mill is also a prominent advocate for reforming the criminal justice system within the United States.

What Is The Salary Of Meek Mill?

Meek Mill made $15 million in the span of a year that ran from September 2017 to September 2018, and that was enough to earn him in the top 20 most well-paid rappers in the world. The endorsement agreements he signed between Puma and Amazon have helped boost the value of his earnings to $20 million between September 2018 and September 2019. Must Read: Tory Lanez Net Worth

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Early Life

Robert Rahmeek Williams, professionally known on stage as Meek Mill, was born and raised in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 6, 1987.

At the age of 5, Mill lost his father in an attempt to rob him. His mother, Kathy, worked many jobs to help support her family following the death of her husband. At times, she would resort to shoplifting. Meek Mill was timid.

His uncle was the Dj who introduced Grandmaster Nell and was part of the 1980s’ Philadelphia hip-hop community. His uncle had a profound influence on Will Smith and Dj Jazzy Jeff. Robert started participating in rap battles under the name Meek Millz at a very young age.

Mill teamed up with three other friends to form a group named, The Bloodhoundz. At 18, Mill was apprehended for illegally possessing a gun after police stopped him from going to a corner store. Mill was beaten to a pulp by police. The police claimed that Meek Mill chased them with the gun and then tried to murder them. Meek Mill was sentenced to probation.

Meek Mill Career Begining

Meek Mill began dropping mixtapes in the mid-2000s. The public was captivated when he released his first mixtape, “Flamerz,” in 2007. It was followed by “Flamerz 2 – Hottest in the city,” and it caught the attention of fellow rappers T. I Grand Hustle Records and Warner Brothers Records. He was detained before deciding the label to go, and he was held for seven months in jail. After that, the prisoner was released and was signed by the Warner Brothers Music label, Maybach Music Group.

In 2012, Meek Mill released his debut album “Dreams and Nightmares” and climbed to the top spot on the Hip/Hop R&B charts and Billboard 200 chart. In 2015, he debuted the second studio album ” Dreams Worth More Than Money,” It reached the top spot in all three charts. Mill’s third album debuted in 2017, “Wins and Losses,” and came to the top spot on the hip R&B/Hip Hop charts.

Meek Mill revealed the creation on his label, Dream Chasers Records, in October 2012. The label’s name was inspired by the mixtapes he released. Must Read: Jacquees Net Worth

Personal Life

Meek has been in a relationship since meeting the rapper and singer Nicki Minaj in 2015. Mill was with Nicki as the opening act for her world tour in 2015. In 2017, Meek and Nicki went apart after two decades of romance.

Meek Mill and fellow rapper Jay Z founded the Reform Alliance Foundation after his release from prison. Its purpose is to change the criminal justice system by pushing for change in the laws and policies that govern it starting with parole and probation.

Legal Issues Pressed On Meek Mill

In 2008, Meek Mill was detained and sentenced to 23 months in jail and eight years probation due to firearm possession and drug use.

In 2012 Mill violated his parole, and the judge cancelled his travel authorization. In 2013, Mill was found to have violated his probation a second time. Mill did not notify the court of his travel plans. He also posts on social media, which leads to death threats against the probation officers. Mill was ordered by the court to undergo etiquette training.

In 2017, the rapper once again violated his parole. The judge refused to offer him a second chance. He was ordered to stay off work until the sentence was handed down, and he got sentenced to 90 days of house arrest.

In March 2017, Meek Mill assaulted two pedestrians in St. Louis and was taken into custody. He was sentenced to four years in state prison for breaking his parole, and mill spent five months in the State Correctional Institution in Cheste, Pennslyvania.

A documentary titled ” Free Meek” was made available in August 2019. The documentary is about Meek’s numerous encounters with the justice system, and Meek is the producer who executive produced the show.

Is Meek Mill Into Real Estate?

It’s true, Rapper Meek Mill is engaged in real estate. Meek and his former girlfriend Nicki Minaj rented a mansion valued at $35,000 per month in Beverly Hills in 2016. The house was built around Frank Sinatra’s previous residence site. It is situated on 10,340 square feet and offers stunning panoramas of cityscapes and mountains. The home also features an entrance hall with two stories and a spacious living room with a fireplace and arched French doors that lead to the outside. The kitchen is eat-in and a library lined with wood, built-ins, a formal dining room, and a living room with eight bedrooms. The outdoor area has an outdoor spa and pool, and an outdoor barbecue.

Why Did Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj’s Relationship End?

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj began a relationship following her split from Safaree Samuels, her former boyfriend with who she was in an intimate relationship for more than ten years.

As per reports, their separation was due to problems with communication. A source also tells an outlet of the media that they had been fighting intermittently for a while over specific issues that bothered Nicki Minaj, which caused their breakup.

On 5 January 2017, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to share the news and then tweeted, “To Confirm, yes I am single. Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. Have a blessed New Year. Love U.” Must Read: Coi Leray Net Worth

Frequently Asked Questions;

What Is The Real Name Of Meek Mill?

The real name of Meek Mill is Robert Rihmeek Williams, however, he is professionally and widely known as Meek Mill.

Where Was Meek Mill Born And Raised?

Meek Mill was born on May 6, 1987. He was born and raised in Philadelphia. Meek started his music career as a battle rapper, and he formed a group with his friends, The Bloodhoundz.

How Many Studio Albums Does Meek Mill Have?

Since he broke into the music scene, Meek Mill has had five studio albums. Below are the studio albums of the rapper.

  • 2012 – Dreams and Nightmares
  • 2015 – Dreams Worth More Than Money
  • 2017 – Wins And Losses
  • 2018 – Championships
  • 2021 – Expensive Pain.

Meek Mill Height – How Tall Is Meek Mill?

At 35, Meek Mill stands 6ft 2 inches tall (188cm). He is best known for smash songs such as “All Eyes On You,” ” R.I.C.O,” and many more.

How Many Children Does Meek Mill Have?

Meek Mill is the father of three children, Murad Williams and Rihmeek Williams. Meek Mill also has an infant son with his ex-lover Milan Harris, and their son is referred to as Czar. Thus the rapper has three children.


What Is Meek Mill’s Biggest Youtube Video?

Meek Mill has over 4 million YouTube subscribers. Meek Mill’s biggest YouTube video is the “Championships,” album, titled, Meek Mill – GOING BAD feat. Drake. It’s Meek Mill’s most-watched youtube video to date. It has over 150 million views, 1.6 million likes, and over 40K reactions. ” Going bad” is so good that it has zero dislikes.

What Is The Net Worth Of Meek Mill?

Meek Mill has a net worth estimated to be $20 million.


Meek Mill is an American rapper who has amassed a decent net worth of $20 million. He makes his money as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Mill has a YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers, he makes cool cash from his channel through ads monetization. Must Read: Ace Hood Net Worth

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