We bring you a round-up publication of male rappers with the most followers accounts on Instagram. In today’s world and its modern era, we find ourselves in has moved music from just singing to a whole new level as this has quickly moved on through the technological state of making music that we pinned to live in our daily life activities. Must Read Top Female Rappers With The Most Followers On Instagram.

With these new changes, artists have no choice but to use social media platforms to promote their art and talents and reach more friends, fans, and followers who enjoy the sounds they create daily.

As a result, top male rappers such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, and others have chosen to use the world’s most popular media site, Instagram, to market their music whiles also gaining recognition by gaining more followers on the engaging and interactive social platform.

As an uploading platform, Instagram allows people to share their photographs, videos, and thoughts with fans, followers, and family all over the world, increasing the popularity of celebrities, reality stars, and footballers among the trillions of users that use the site every day.

Some accounts have tremendous sums of followers, with Trillion and over users worldwide. In this write-up, we will learn about the male rappers with the most followers accounts on Instagram in 2023.

Arranging them in ascending order (From the least or smallest to the greatest), the last male rapper with the least Instagram followers on the list is Meek Mill – 23M. Must-Read: List Of Celebrities With The Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Male rappers with the most followers account on Instagram 2023

Meek Mill – 23 million Followers


In the eighth position on this chart is no other than popularly known American rapper Meek Mill, born and raised as Robert Rihmeek Williams in Philadelphia on May 6, 1987.

With Instagram username {@meekmill}, has over 310 more pictures as a post than videos on Instagram; he is well known for making such posts as most of these pictures are from his musical tours and singles promotion flyers, and lavish vacation lifestyle.

Meek Mill had a poor upbringing as his parents could not afford three square meals a day, but their life changed when he started visiting rap battlegrounds where rappers lyrically battle each other for money and fame in 2013, he shot into the limelight when he got an opportunity to work with great personalities like Rick Ross of Maybach Music Records and T. I of The bloodhound’s Music Group.

He has worked tremendously with many great musicians like DJ Drama, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, Tory Lanez, and Wale and this has helped him a lot in gaining this many fans and followers across the globe.

Follow Meek Mill @meekmill

50 Cent – 29 Million Followers


Curtis James Jackson III, an American professional rapper, actor, and businessman were born on July 6, 1975, in the Queens neighbourhood of South Jamaica. At a young age, his life was not idyllic but rather diabolic because he was involved in drug dealing, which got him into trouble frequently. However, after being discovered by veteran rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known as Eminem in the music industry, 50 Cent found his feet in music.

As a promising rap star, 50 Cent was shot multiple times in the face in the year 2000 when he was only 25 years old and attracting all the attention he needed in the music business. He spent years in the hospital, but in 2002, thanks to the healing power of God and skilled medical personnel, he was back on his feet.

After leaving the hospital, 50 Cent regained his recognition through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tango, and Instagram. He is currently one of the most followed musicians on Instagram.

Curtis James Jackson III, who uses the Instagram handle @50 Cent, has 28.6 million followers and more than 4,520 posts. He makes an estimated $64.35 thousand from only one sponsored update per day, which, if done consistently throughout the year, could total $23,487.75.

Follow 50cent @50cent

6. Eminem – 38 Million Followers


St. Joseph, Missouri-born American rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers III, well known worldwide in the entertainment firm as Eminem, is one of the finest ever hip-pop artists to emerge from the States.

Eminem, as popularly known, is regarded as one of the people who have made a very appreciable impact on the music industry with their God-giving talents. Eminem as a teenager had a heart for storytelling and was aspiring to be a comic book creator before coming across Hip-Pop, which completely changed his mindset and life.

Marshall, with his enormous work as an artist, was hailed as one of the best-selling rappers for being able to as high as 220 million records and still counting in his musical journey, and through this, he has been able to gain as much as 36.3 million followers on world’s fastest growing social media network Instagram.

Follow Eminem @eminem

5. Tyga – 39 Million Followers


Southern Los Angeles County, California-born rapper Micheal Ray Stevenson famously known as Tyga, is undoubtedly one of the finest young talented rappers to ever emerge in the music industry on this planet. Tyga, in his peak, was one of the sought-after rap talents that all big record labels wanted to have as their artist.

Tyga, with the help of all these record labels, was able to reach the highest point of his music career as a young talent and therefore was able to release many albums and singles and had many awards. Through his acquired fame, Tyga gained many fans and followers through social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the Instagram platform was where he got most of his million followers.

However, with over 50 posts and 37.5 Million followers under the username @Tyga, he posts photos and videos of his extravagant and lavished lifestyle.

Follow Tyga @tyga

4. Wiz Khalifa – 39 Million Followers


One of the most gifted singers and rappers to have ever emerged on the planet is Wiz Khalifa, a rapper, songwriter, and performer who was once signed to a Warner Bros. record label and was born in 1987 in Minot, North Dakota.

Khalifa has become well-known among music fans and online users thanks to his God-given skill and the people he frequently hangs out with within the music business. As a result, he has amassed as many as 38.6 million fans and followers on Instagram alone.

Wiz’s early years were somewhat challenging for him to handle because he was the kid of military men who were at the time on active duty. Wiz’s parents divorced when he was still a kid, adding to the pain he was already going through.

Wiz and his mother moved to Pittsburgh following his parents’ divorce. He began composing and singing his lyrics there. He started recording music at studios without paying money when he was in his teens because the owners of the studios enjoyed the lyrics of his songs.

Follow Wiz Khalifa @wizkhalifa

3. Travis Scott – 49 Million Followers


Houston, Texas-born rapper, songwriter, record producer, and singer Jacques Bermon Webster II, popularly known by his iconic stage name Travis Scott has been the man of the moment in the American entertainment industry for quite some time now.

Travis Scott, in his early life as a kid, did not have it easy as he spent most of his young age with his grandmother in south-central Houston, a neighbourhood known for a notorious crime, but the style of living in the place had a dreadful impact on Travis.

With a flair for fashion, Jacques Webster has had the opportunity to work with household names like Nike, Dior, McDonald’s, and PlayStation.

Through his iconic fashion sense and fresh musical compositions, he has also been able to win over many on social media. He currently has over 46.1 Instagram followers and just over 3,100 posts, many of which are images from his music performances and travels.

Follow Travis Scott @travisscott

2. Snoop Dogg – 79 Million Followers


Occupying a second place on the list of the male rappers with the most followers accounts on Instagram for a decade is no other person than Long Beach-born American singer, songwriter, actor, and rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, popularly known by his stage name Snoop Dogg.

Snoop is one of the finest rappers to ever surfaced on this planet, as he has had the privilege to work with many top-notch record labels in the entertainment industry of America and beyond, of which some are as follows; RCA, EMPIRE, Death Row, No Limit, Interscope.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, with the name (@snoopdogg) on Instagram, has 79 million followers and over 54,000 posts. His posts are full of comic images and gifs, which fans and beloved followers enjoy viewing on the platform.

Dogg was named after his foster father, Calvin Cordozar Broadus senior. His mother nicknamed him after a cartoon character called Snoopy because he resembled the cast at a young age.

Snoop Dogg being the second child (Son) of his mother was not easy for him as he had to spend most of his childhood living on the streets of Long Beach to sell candy, bag groceries, and deliver newspapers to help his family get money to afford three square meal a day.

Follow Snoop Dogg @snoopdogg

1. Drake – 134 Million Followers


Aubrey Drake Graham, a rapper, singer, and actor from Toronto, Canada, is one of the world’s top performers. The eldest child of an African-American father (Dennis Graham) and a Canadian school English teacher, Graham was better known by his stage name Drake (Sandra “Sandi” Graham).

With over 130 million followers and over 5K posts, Drake is well-known on Instagram under the handle (@champagnepapi). Many of his posts feature eye-catching photos from his trips, concerts, and opulent lifestyle.

Jay-Z and Clipse served as major influences for Drake as he entered the music industry. In 2006, Drake was able to release his self-titled debut mixtape, which went on to sell over 6,500 copies and earn him a total of 305.06 dollars in royalties over the course of the year.

Follow Drake @champagnepapi


Above is the list of male rappers with the most followers accounts on Instagram. We will keep updating the figures as the celebrities keep getting followers day by day. You can share this article with your friends on various social media. Must Read List Of Rappers With Most Followed Instagram Accounts.

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