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If you are a fan of tennis balls, you probably know about Lleyton Hewitt. Sports run in the family of Lleyton Hewitt, as his father, Glynn Hewitt, is a retired Australian football player.

Hewitt’s dedication, passion, and determination for the sport were fascinating. In his nearly 20-year professional career, Hewitt has won over 30 titles, which cemented his place in history as one of the greatest tennis players.

At the age of 20, Lleyton Hewitt set a record as the youngest male tennis player to ever achieve the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) number No. 1 in 2001.

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Does Lleyton Hewitt Have A $75 Million Net Worth?

Lleyton Hewitt, an Australian professional tennis player, has a net worth in excess of $75 million. Lleyton was the star he is today after beating Andre Agassi to win the 1998 Next Generation Adelaide International.

How Does Lleyton Hewitt Make His Fortune?

People With Money magazine reports that Lleyton Hewitt’s net worth is approximately $215 million.

Hewitt makes his money through endorsements, stock investments, advertising work, and substantial property holdings. Hewitt endorses CoverGirl cosmetics and owns restaurants. Hewitt is also the owner of the Australian soccer team, the Adelaide Angels. He has also launched his own brand Vodka. He also owns Lleyton Hewitt Seduction, a fashion brand.

In July 2000, Lleyton signed a multi-year endorsement agreement with Nike. Lleyton has also been a sponsor of American athletic apparel companies Athletic DNA and Yonex.

Early Life

Lleyton Glynn Hewitt was born on February 24, 1981. He is an Australian professional tennis player and retired world No 1. He was born to Glynn, a former Australian Rules Football player, and Cherilyn Hewitt, a physical education teacher.

Lleyton began his career as a footballer before he decided to pursue a tennis career at age 13. He joined the Seaside Tennis Club in Henley Beach as a junior player and studied at Mitcham’s Denman Tennis Club, where Peter Smith taught him.

Tennis Career

Lleyton Hewitt began his professional tennis career in 1998. Lleyton Hewitt, aged 19, became the youngest male player to win the Grand Slam doubles title. Lleyton won his first Grand Slam singles title at age 19 during the 2001 U.S Open. He defeated a retired number one Yevgeny Kafelnikov and beat Pete Sampras the following day. He was awarded the number one title after winning the Tokyo Open and Tennis Master Cup.

Hewitt was 20 years old when he became the youngest man in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) singles ranking. He won back-to-back Tennis Masters Cup titles in 2001 and 2002. Lleyton has been crowned the number one tennis player in the world by winning titles in India Wells and San Jose, London, San Jose, and the Tennis Master’s Cup.

In 2003, he defeated Gustavo Kuerten, a former number 1. Hewitt was the first male champion to lose in the first round in history, losing Ivo Karlovic that year. In 1999 and 2003, he won the Davis Cup in Australia. Hewitt was eliminated in Los Angeles’ final round and Montreal’s second round of the ATP Masters Tournament.

Hewitt was ranked 34th by Tennis magazine on its 40 greatest tennis players list since 1965. Hewitt finished second at the 2004 US Open but was defeated by Roger Federer, a fellow tennis legend.

Lleyton Hewitt Net Worth 2022 | Career | Personal Life | Facts

Lleyton Hewitt participated in twenty consecutive Australian Open men’s singles tournaments between 1997 and 2016. As his best result, he was the 2005 final runner-up. In 2009, he was back in the top 20 worldwide players. Lleyton Hewitt received a wildcard to the 2011 U.S Open, but he was forced to decline because of a foot operation he had to have. In 2012, he returned to the ATP finals for the first time in two years and participated in the Australian Open 2012. He also competed in Wimbledon, the French Open, and the Summer Olympics in London that year. Lleyton won five top ten wins in 2013 and 600 victories, his 30th career title, and his triumphant return as one of the top 40 players worldwide in 2014.

He announced his retirement plans after the 2016 Australian Open. In his 20th appearance, he lost to David Ferrer in the second round. He beat James Duckworth in his first-round match. He came out of retirement to replace injured Nick Kyrgios at the Davis Cup in a short time. Hewitt resigned to join Sam Groth at the 2018 Australian Open. He still plays doubles at many tournaments. He returned to Adelaide, his hometown, and played tour tennis for the first time in more than a decade. He provides commentary for matches at the Australian Open.

Lleyton Hewitt has represented Australia in five World Cups during his career. At age 19, he represented Australia in three Olympics. He decided not to compete at the 2004 Athens Games and instead focused on the US Open that year. He was back in Beijing for his second Olympics, and Lleyton competed in the 2012 Olympics in London.

Personal Life

Lleyton Hewitt, a passionate fan of Australian rules football, is currently the joint No.1 ticket holder for Adelaide Crows with MP Kate Elis.

Lleyton started a relationship in January 2000 with Kim Clijsters, a Belgian tennis player. They announced their engagement in December 2003, but they split in 2004 and canceled the February 2005 wedding.

Hewitt proposed to Australian actress Bec Cartwright after just six weeks of dating. They got married at the Sydney Opera House in 2005, and they share three children.

Cruz Hewitt, his 12-year-old son, won the Australian Junior Tennis Claycourt title in Canberra in 2021. He modeled his father’s athleticism.

Hewitt and his family moved to Nassau, the Bahamas, in 2008 to reduce the tax they would have to pay.

How Many Awards Have Lleyton Hewitt Had?

Lleyton Hewitt, a professional tennis player, has won many awards since he started playing. These are the Hewitt awards:

  • ATP Player Of the Year -2001
  • Most Popular South Australian – 2001
  • ATP Player of the Year – 2002
  • Australia’s Male Athlete – 2002
  • ESPY Best Male Tennis Player – 2002
  • Young Australian of the Year – 2003
  • Vogue Australia Sportsman of the Year – 2003
  • Most Popular South Australian – 2003
  • Newcombe Medal Spirit Of Tennis Award – 2011
  • Newcombe Medal. Most Outstanding Australian player – 2013
  • Davis Cup commitment Award
  • Member of the Order of Australia for significant service to tennis as a player at the national and international level and to the community. – 2016
Lleyton Hewitt Playing Tennis

Frequently Ask Question:

What Is The Full Name Of Lleyton Hewitt?

The professional tennis player’s full name or real name is Lleyton Glynn Hewitt.

What Is The Nationality Of Lleyton Hewitt?

Lleyton Hewitt is an Australian, and he resides in Melbourne in, Australia.

What Is The Age Of Lleyton Hewitt?

He was born on February 24, 1981, and he’s currently 41 years of age at this publication.

Is Lleyton Hewitt Married?

Yes, Lleyton Hewitt is married to Australian actress Bec Cartwright. The couple got married at the Sydney Opera House in 2005, and they have three children.

What Is The Height Of Lleyton Hewitt?

Tennis player Lleyton Hewitt stands 5 feet 10 inches (178cm) tall.

Which Year Did Lleyton Hewitt Become A Pro?

Lleyton Hewitt began his professional career in the year 1998.

Which Year Did Lleyton Retired?

Hewitt retired in the year 2016. He announced his intentions to retire after the Australian Open in 2016.

How Many Kids Does Lleyton Hewitt Have?

Lleyton Hewitt and his partner, Bec Cartwright, share three children.


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