Kim Kardashian SKIMs x Fendi makes a whooping $1million in few minutes.

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian unveiled the highly-anticipated SKIMS x Fendi collaboration, offering a unique variation on the staples of shapewear like bras and bodysuits, sculpting shorts and underwear. What makes this collection more appealing is that it includes ready-to-wear pieces like cardigans and the leather dress Kim was seen wearing for the WSJ’s 2021 Innovator Awards.

According to TMZ sources, that the collaboration made one million dollars in sales in the first few minutes that makes sense because prices range from $100 to $4,200.

However, this also means that this collection could be the largest launch day for SKIM ever, which is not surprising considering that over 300,000 people registered for the waitlist before the launch. While the collection is almost gone, we’re hoping it will see a follow-up release shortly.

In an interview conducted by WSJ Magazine last month, KKW announced an exclusive collaboration with an Italian fashion house in advance of the Innovator Awards.

Magazine 2021 November Issue The Keeping Up with the Kardashians actor started collaborating with Fendi creative director Kim Jones after hearing women at his office loved her clothes, as she explained within the WSJ. Then, she explained that she “sent him a bunch.” Issue Innovator.

They began discussing the partnership in December of the previous year. KKW, the fashion model to the collections, met Jones in Mexico during March for fitting sessions.

“I really like to be a fit model … I need to feel it,” she added. “I probably do so much more work than people assume, that might not even be necessary at this point. But I do it.”

In September 2019, Kim Kardashian launched SKIMs. In June 2021, it was valued at $1.6billion. This is the reason the mogul was honoured in each year’s Innovator Awards.

The SKIMS founder was seen at the night of the November 1 award ceremony in a leather outfit that was part of the latest Fendi collaboration and was raving about the progress she’s made in her career.

“Fifteen years ago, when I was starting my career, I could have never dreamed that I would have been getting an innovator award for brands,” she said. “Back in the day, I would have been the face of any brand if they would have asked me.”

In a retrospective of the previous brands she worked with before creating her brand, Kardashian West said, “I did cupcakes to weight loss pills all at the same time. I’m just so grateful that I have my own brand now. I would do all of that and then wear shapewear on top. It was all contradictory.”
She added, “I’ve always liked to come up with solutions, and I’m just really thankful.”

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