US comedian and actor Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei, has admitted that it was not easy to see Hart move on and have a family with another woman.

She said she tried to move on with her two children, but everything kept reminding her of Hart.

Torrei spoke out about her journey to healing after the breakup in an interview with The Real Daytime talk show.

“There were times I was like God, I don’t want to be here anymore because the divorce was very public, and I also had to watch him move on with a whole another woman, and a whole another family. And then seeing my children in pictures with a new family and this was when Kevin was at the height of his career, I was seeing on the internet, on the movies, on TV,” she said.

However, she decided to be happy and start a new life and started going for therapy.

Torrei stated that she chose to keep the comedian’s last name in order to be there for their children because they didn’t want them to be confused at school or asked why they had different names.

She also stated that it was easy to co-parent with Kevin because they chose to raise happy children.

“People assume for I don’t know what reason that Kevin and I are enemies. He and I go way back. We met when we were 19 and 20. We were kids, and unfortunately, it didn’t work out romantically, and we co-parent very well with each other,” she said.

Kevin and Eniko Parrish celebrated their fifth anniversary as husband and wife and nearly 11 years together.

The hilarious comedian shared a beautiful snap of himself and his wife, stating that he loves her to death.

Eniko shared a sweet photo from their wedding and noted that their love is still the same despite all their changes.

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