Kanye west and drake to perform

It indeed appears that the Kanye West and Drake feud may be over, and that’s because Ye invites Drake to a stage to honour two of the essential album of 2021, as well as the Free Larry Hoover movement.

There are various elements to expect from hip-hop artists: rhymes, Flows, metaphors, and the occasional subliminal jab to the intensity of the game. Battle rap is a staple within the genre, and the possibility of a feud between artists is a given, but there are also instances where the beef has gone beyond music and has taken into its own life.

The most famous and often terrible beef of all time are Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z and Nas, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, and naturally, Kanye West and Drake.

Subliminal messages, tensions, and full-on messages have been bouncing back and forth between the two since 2009. All through 2010, their exchanges were tame, and, to casual viewers, they were mostly ignored.

It seemed like fans would get the album they’d promised and longed for, but the excitement was only for a short time in 2016.

Their relationship turned worse in the year 2018 when Ye’s label partner, Pusha T’s involvement in the feud grew to the point of a public dispute that revealed Drake was a father, as well as several snide references to his producer 40.

Following the launch of DONDA and Certified Lover Boy in the same month of the year, naturally, tensions popped back up. Discussions about the best album all over the place before finally cooling off.

Never shy from controversy, Ye’s recent interview on the REVOLT’s Drink Champs saw the artist talks about his rival numerous times. Ye showed admiration and respect for Drizzy and made clear that he would like to win any situation where Drizzy would lose a music battle against him.

Just a few days after that interview, Kanye uploaded a short video on his Instagram. Kanye is seen with Jay Prince (a long-time mentor and a close friend of Drake). He also invited Champagne Papi to join him on the stage on December 7th.


The concert in Los Angeles would see the musicians gather to commemorate the two most important records of 2021 and end their rivalries to support the Free Larry Hoover movement.

In the year 2018, Kanye West requested Donald Trump to provide Larry Hoover with mercy. Hoover is an ex-gang member sentenced to six life sentences in 1995 for murder after a 17-year probe. The incarceration of Hoover and the struggle to get him out are the focal elements of both the songs “Jesus Lord” and “Jesus Lord Pt. 2” on DONDA.

If Drake will take the invitation is still yet to be determined. However, it appears to be a giant step in the direction of their relationship in the last few years.

Although it appears to be a fake hostage tape with Jay Prince in the video, it indicates that steps have been taken in the background to achieve the expected reconciliation.

With the date suggested only a month away, we’ll have to wait and see if the fans finally know the concert they’ve been waiting for for nearly seven years.

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