Ghanaian heavyweight rapper Sarkodie has announced that winning the Grammy Award will be a major win for him and his faithful followers.

Sarkodie on KalyJaySpace Twitter on Wednesday night, the rapper declared that getting a Grammy award and distinction is a goal that everyone in the world hopes to achieve someday.

Sarkodie disclosed that receiving the Grammy Award will be the “icing on the cake” of his musical career. Sarkodie revealed that he’s been carving for this honour since his Sarkology album was released in 2014.

“That’s the highest point of the career of an artist and that’s what they aim for”.

“It is going to be the icing on the cake of my career”. Sarkodie Stated.

The rollies and cigars hitmaker communicated his gratitude to his fans for the love and support they had shown him through his musical journey and shared his life experiences and motivation with them.

Sarkodie on KalyJaySpace says:

“I was probably the first guy who started having a 24-hour camera guy capturing and shaping my narrative. As an artist, you have to have someone documenting your career and life so you can share with your fans at some point in your career.”

“Everything that is going to happen is going to happen regardless. When people said things it got to me because I thought they knew what was happening but I realized I should push and move because if it will happen it’s about me and what I believe in”

“Doing music for 11years, I realised I have different highs, I never smoked so I don’t know what that high is but in my career there are things that make me high. My friends hearing my music, that was a high, hearing my song on the radio that was a high”

“I started writing whenever I was going through things and then it started as a passion and moved to business”

Born Michael Owusu Addo and professionally known as Sarkodie is an ex- BET prize winner. He took home the Best International Flow award beating numerous artists such as Falz, The Bhad Guy Tory Lanez, Nasty C, and even Little Simz.

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