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Future Net Worth, Children, Baby Mamas, Awards AND Lawsuits

Future Net Worth, Children, Baby Mamas, Awards AND Lawsuits

How well do you know Future? Do you know that future is one of the richest hip-hop artists in the United States? Well, We going to look at the net worth of Future, including his earnings, career, salaries, and of course the number of children and baby mamas the rapper has. Now let’s dive in.

What Is The Net Worth Of Future?


Future has a net worth of $ 40 million. He is an American musician, rapper, songwriter, and record producer who started creating and rapping on the suggestions of his cousin Rico Wade, a member of the Dungeon Family collective. Future is well-known for his muttering-influenced voice and prolific output. He’s known as the pioneer of melodies and vocal effects in contemporary trap music.

The Early Life Of Future

Nayvadius DeMun was born and was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 20th of November 1983. He was given “Future” as a”stage name after joining the Dungeon Family musical group. Rico Wade, a cousin to him, was also a part of the Dungeon Family and was a record producer. His cousin Rico helped him develop his ability to write songs and rap and built a successful career out of it. He also provided him with an escape from the streets. Through the many years, Future has been grateful to his cousin for being the genius behind his unique sound.

Nayvadius was a student at Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia, and soon collaborated with Atalanta Rapper, Rocko. Later, he was contracted to Rocko and his record label A1 recordings and Epic recordings in 2011. His music and albums were heard across the globe from then on.

How Future Rose To Prominence(career)?

Future began to release mixtapes “1000,” “Dirty Sprite,” and “True Story” in 2010. Future collaborated alongside fellow musician Gucci Mane to make the “Free Bricks” album. Future became more well-known and became more famous when DJ Esco started playing his music at Magic City, a renowned Atalanta strip club. This strip bar has helped launch careers of Atalanta-based rappers; aside from ladies stripping off their clothes, this is what the club is famous for.

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In September of 2011, Future signed a major record label deal with Epic Records and fast released the “Streetz calling” mixtape that became the most popular mixtape of his career. Future released his debut album “Pluto” in 2012. The album was a huge success, featuring four singles, including “Turn off the light”, which reached the top spot second on the U.S. hip hop and R&B charts. Future released his second album, “Honest”, on the 14th of January 2014, followed by the third one “DS2”, in 2015. He also released the fourth studio album “Evol” in 2016. His “FUTURE” album was released in February 2017, and another album “HNDRXX.”

In October 2018, Future teamed up with rapper Juice Wrld(Now Late) to launch the “Wrld on Drugs” mixtape. The track reached 2nd place in the U.S charts, just behind the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga soundtrack for “A star is born.” “Wrld In Drugs” was Future’s 10th top 10 album in the U.S.

In February 2019, Future received his first Grammy Award for the Best Rap Performing for his work on the “King’s Dead” film soundtrack for “Black Panther.” Future released his solo Extended Play “Save Me,” which debuted at the top of the charts, number fifth on U.S charts. Future worked with Drake to drop “Life is Good” and “Desires”.

How Many Children Does Future Have?

Future is a frequent breeder and dater. Eight of his children have eight women, including two unidentified women. Future has five children, three girls, and five boys. He has a son Jakobi 17 with Jessica Smith, a daughter, Londyn, 11, with India J, a son, Prince 7, with Brittni Mealy and a son, Future Zahir, 5, with ex-fiancee and singer Ciara, A son, Hendrix, 16 months with Joie Chavis A daughter, Paris with an unidentified woman, a son Kash with an unknown woman, and a daughter Reign, 1 with Eliza Reign.

How Many Baby Mamas Does Future Have?

Future has Eight Baby mamas, each of whom has a child. The baby mamas include singer Ciara, Brittini Mealy, Jessica Smith, India J, Joie Chavis, and two unknown women. Future was in a brief partnership with Ciara in 2013-2014. , However, they split due to his infidelity. They share a son, Future Zahir Wilburn, during their short relationship. Zahir was born in May of 2014.

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The Future Baby mamas, Jessica Smith, and Ciara sued Future for not making child-support payments and accusing him of abandoning their son. Ciara also filed a lawsuit against Future for defamation and slander and the libel for a string of tweets that he wrote slamming Ciara and expressing displeasure over his time-based visitation schedule.

Future has been the subject of several lawsuits brought by his baby mamas. A pair of women in Florida and Texas filed paternity lawsuits against the rapper, alleging that Future is the father of their kids in the year 2019. Future has allegedly refused to undergo the DNA test. One woman, Cindy Parker, dropped her case, and so the signs are all in towards the possibility of settling. Florida-born, also known as Instagram model Eliza Seraphin moved forward with her lawsuit, asserting that Future was in contact with her throughout pregnancy. She claims that Future told her to inform him when the baby was coming and assured her that he would financially look after his child’s needs. In August of 2020, Eliza asked the court to sentence the rapper.

Eliza Seraphin gave birth to Future’s eighth child in April of 2019, a baby girl named Reign. Eliza and Future had an off-and-on relationship between 2016 and 2018, and the couple got pregnant in November of 2018.
“I tried so many times to make things work with him for the sake of Lil mama. I didn’t want to get the courts involved. I’ve never been into that,” She wrote on Instagram.

Eliza’s lawyer has confirmed that DNA test results that Future is the biological father of Seraphin’s daughter.


Future And Ciara Relationship

Future and singer Ciara was involved in a relationship for a short time between 2013 and 2014. The couple got engaged in October 2013, and they have a son who arrived on the 19th, 2014.

But somewhere between their engagement and a couple of days before their wedding, Ciara ended their engagement just three months after welcoming their first child, and they were together for just 14 months.

Ciara claimed that rapper Future had threatened her then-boyfriend, Russell Wilson.

The singer is currently married to Wilson, and they welcomed their baby daughter, Sienna Princess, on April 29, 2017.

What Is Future’s Musical Style?

Future’s musical style is termed Trap Music. Trap Music is a subgenre of hip-hop born in the Southern United States in the early 2000s. The lyrics of Trap Music focus on drugs as well as urban violence. It employs hi-hat patterns and tuned kick drums that have an extended decay.

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Does Future Use Autotune?

Future likes to use Autotune in his songs, whether rapping or singing. Another rapper T-Pain makes use of autotune. However, he was critical of Future’s unusual use of the instrument in 2014. Future replied in an interview, saying, “when I first used Auto-Tune, I never used it to sing. I wasn’t using it the way T-Pain was. I used it to rap because it makes my voice grittier. Now everybody wants to rap in Auto-Tune. Future’s not everybody.”

How Many Albums Does Future Have?

Since Future rose to prominence he has recorded 8 albums, including, Pluto(2012), Honest(2014), DS2(2015), Evol(2016), Future(2017), Hndrxx(2017), The Wizrd(2019), and High Off Life(2020). Future has also recorded many mixtapes with Drake, Young Thug, and many more. He has six collaborative mixtapes in total.

How Many Awards And Nominations Does Future Have?

Future has been the recipient of many awards and nominations since his career as a musician and rapper. Future collaboration with Drake has earned him the award for The Best group at the 2016 BET Awards.

Future is also the recipient of the Best Mixtape(2015) and the Best Club Banger(2014) at the BET Hip Hop awards for his mixtape 56 Nights and tracks “Move The Dope”, respectively. Future won the Best Hip Hop award at the Much Music Video Awards in 2015. Future has received six awards from 67 nominations. Future is a Grammy award recipient.

How Much Is Future Net Worth For 2022?

Future has a net worth estimated to be around $40 million. He earns money or revenue is derived from music, tours, concerts, features, and streams. Future made a cheque from Mask Off, one of his biggest songs in the Future album, which has over a billion streams on Spotify.

Spotify offers about $0.004 per stream, which signifies that Future made 4million dollars off his song Mask Off alone.

Future also earns anywhere from $100,000 and $150,000 for each show and charges $40,000 per feature. Future is among the most successful rap artists in the hip-hop industry.

As Of 2022, Future has a net worth of $40 million.


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