EST Gee Net Worth: EST Gee is a rapper and songwriter with a net worth estimated to be around $2 million. He became popular after he released the “Ion Feel Nun” mixtape. He has also featured a lot of great artists including Lil Baby, Future, Young Thug, Lil Durk, and many more. EST Gee has also released singles and albums that have been enlisted on various music charts, including his singles “5500 Degrees” and “Lick Back” which entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

What Is The Net Worth Of EST Gee? 

EST became active in the music industry in 2017 and he has managed to make a good fortune for himself. EST Gee’s major source of worth comes from music. He makes his money from album sales, tours, features, merchandise sales, royalties from various music platforms, and many more. EST has a YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers and it gets over 10 million views every month. The channel generates income through ads monetization which generates thousands of dollars every month.  Must Read: DaBaby Net Worth


EST Gee’s smash song “5500 Degrees” has amassed over 40 million views on YouTube as of the time of this writing. The song was released on July 21, 2021, followed by the music video which also came out on August 11, 2021. It features Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, and Rylo Rodriguez. 5500 Degrees is the biggest song of the rapper and it also made way for the rapper into the mainstream. 

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EST Gee has worked with a lot of artists including well-established rappers such as Future, Lil Baby, G-Eazy, Lil Durk, Jack Harlow, and many more. 

Early Life EST Gee

EST Gee was born George Albert Stone III, on May 11, 1994, in Louisville, Kentucky. He was raised in Cooper Projects(now demolished) before he moved to Tubman Court & Ellington Avenue in the southeastern region of the city. 

Gee attended St. Xavier High School and graduated in 2012. He got a scholarship to further his education at Indiana State University and studied communications. After spending two years at Indiana State University, he was then transferred to Sac City College. He spent only a year at the college and transferred again to Stephen F. Austin University.  

In 2016, EST Gee dropped out of school. He was arrested and sentenced to four months of house arrest for drug trafficking. The following year, Gee was briefly on the CFL team the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. 

Career Beginning Of EST Gee

At the time of his house arrest, EST Gee began to take his rap career seriously after watching fellow rappers perform on television. He actually got inspired by their performance. He started using “Big Gee” as his stage name before switching to the moniker “EST Gee”, which stands for ” Everybody Shines Together”. EST came out with his debut single “Stains” as “Big Gee” on YouTube in 2017. He constantly released release tracks on his YouTube channel. Through that, he gained a massive local fanbase. In 2019, EST dug out both the first and second mixtapes, titled El Toro and Die Bloody. 

In 2020, EST Gee released his third mixtape, Ion Feel Nun. This project brought him to the limelight. He followed it up with his fourth mixtape titled I Still Don’t Feel Nun. After successfully dropping his mixtapes, he signed a recording deal with Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG) and Interscope Records, and Warlike. EST Gee hopped on “Real as it Gets” a single by rapper Lil Baby. The song became his first Billboard Hot 100 song and was numbered 34. 

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In 2021, He welcomed Bigger Than Life or Death, his fifth mixtape. It features Future, Young Thug, Pooh Shiesty, Lil Durk, and more. The mixtape made it to number 7 on the Billboard 200 with 30,000 units. In the last month of the year, he dropped a deluxe edition of Bigger Than Life or Death Pt 2, and it came with no features. 

Personal Life Of EST Gee

In March 2020, EST Gee lost his mother to leukaemia, and his brother got killed in a shooting in Louisville. 


In September 2020, While shooting a music video, he got shot five times, four in the stomach and one in his left eye, and was hospitalized. Two weeks later, he was discharged and surgery was performed on his eye to retain vision his eye. His brother was shot in the leg. Must ReadFreddie Gibbs Net Worth

Highlights Of EST Gee Music Career

Since EST Gee rose to prominence he has released one album, singles, and features a lot of artists in the industry. In this section, we are going to read the highlights of the rapper’s career. 

Studio Album

  • I Never Felt Nun – 2022

Compilation Album

  • Gangsta Art (with CMG label) – 2022


  • El Toro – 2019
  • Die Bloody – 2019
  • Ion Feel Nun – 2020
  • I Still Don’t Feel Nun – 2020
  • Bigger Than Life or Death – 2021
  • Bigger Than Life or Death, Pt 1 – 2021
  • Last Ones Left (X 42 Dugg) – 2022


Leading Artist

  • Special(Remix) – 2020
  • Lick Back – 2021
  • Lamborghini Geeski – 2021
  • Free Shiners – 2022
  • Everybody Shooters Too – 2022
  • Thump Shit – 2022

Featuring Artist

  • Real As It Gets by Lil Baby – 2021
  • At Will by G – Eazy – 2021
  • Lurkin by Mozzy – 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions; 

What Is The Net Worth Of EST Gee? 

EST Gee is an American rapper with a net worth estimated to be around $2 million. He makes his money from music and also through merchandise sales, and streaming platforms. 

What Is The Real Name Of EST Gee? 

EST Gee was given George Albert Stone III. His stage name is EST Gee. He also has other nicknames which are Big Gee, Geeski, and Riata Dada.  

The full meaning of the name EST stands for an initialism for “Everybody Shines Together”. 

What Is The Height Of EST Gee?

EST Gee stands 5 feet 7 inches tall or 170cm. He weighs an estimated 70 kg (154 Ibs). 

What Is The Age Of EST Gee? 

EST Gee whose real name is George Albert Stone III was born on May 11, 1994, in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. As of the time of this write-up, EST Gee is 29 years of age. 

Where Did EST Gee Attend School? 

EST Gee attended St. Xavier High School, he graduated and furthered his education at Indiana State University with a football scholarship. He studied communications but did graduate and then got transferred to Sac City College for just a year and moved to Stephen F. Austin University. She dropped out with no degree. 


EST Gee is an American rapper and songwriter with a net worth estimated to be $2 million. He gained popularity after the release of his third mixtape Ion Feel Nun in 2020. In the few years, he has spent in the industry has been able to have songs and albums numbered on various music charts.  Must Read: French Montana Net Worth

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