Berla mundi advises

Berlinda Addartey, also known by Berla Mundi, has asked Ghanaians not to pressure individuals to get married, particularly those not married.

Berla 33, a TV3 presenter, is shocked when a person like her is asked when they’ll be getting married and why they are still single at a later age.

Based on Berla Mundi, the types of questions can drain those asked emotionally and put mental stress on them.

Berla Mundi took to Twitter to appeal to those who enjoy doing this to stop it since marriage is a choice one has to make. Hence, the question of why someone is deciding to stay away from being married or remain single for the rest of their lives shouldn’t be a reason to encourage.

‘You are aging. When are you going to marry?’

‘Oh you got married? Congrats. When are you having a baby?’

Dear society, why do you keep asking these? Do you think of the emotional and psychological pressure you place on these people?

Berla Mundi is among the most beautiful young women who are not married in the country and has made a name for herself as a Broadcaster Journalist and is currently single.

Berla started her career in media in 2010, where she entered the contest in the annual Miss Malaika beauty pageant, which she won as the second finalist. Berla was offered the chance to join GhOneTV for five years.

The 33-year-old TV host hosted reality shows as well as corporate events. Mundi was named an influential Ghanaian of 2017 by Avance Media and won the most stylish media personality award at the Glitz Style Awards.

Berla has been awarded several awards since beginning her media career. Some of them include the top prize for best Female Event host, TV Female Entertainment Show Host of the Year and Favourite TV presenter. The Media Person of the Year is the most influential persona in media and numerous others.

The broadcaster from the media finished her secondary education at Achimota School and went to the University of Ghana, where she studied psychology and linguistics. Berla studied at the Alliance Francais in Accra.

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