Ariana Grande has been a major icon from a small star in a matter of time. Even this 29-year-old singer just made her business debut, becoming a woman of many talents. People went crazy to know about Ariana Grande R.E.M Beauty project. Many people, including fans, wonder whether she will break the record as she did with her perfume brand.

So in this article, we will keep you posted about this handpicked beauty products company by Ariana Grande.

Who Is The Owner Of R.E.M. Beauty?
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Ariana Grande, a famous grammy-award-winning singer, songwriter, and actress, is the owner of R.E.M Beauty. She started her music career as a child artist. After that, she acted on Tv shows and started beauty photoshoots. In 2021, Ariana Grande created her fashion products brand R.E.M beauty. However, it took her two years to make a personalized make-up brand competing with other celebrity brands.

What Are R.E.M. Beauty Products?

Ariana Grande followed in the footstep of Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga to make her fashion lineup. She constructed a list of makeup items to fetch natural beauty, including an under-eye balm, brow serum, lash, and face mist. R.E.M beauty stock comes in categories.

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Eyes: All kinds of eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and eyelashes
Lips: All types of classic and liquid lip liner, lip gloss, and lip stain.
Face: Topper highlighter, cooling treatments, and versatile cheek & lipstick.

R.E.M beauty stock also supplies make-up kits in a set for specific parts of your face. All products ranged from concealers, eyeshadow, eyeliners, lipstick, highlighter, lash serum, hair extensions, and necessary makeup sponges.

Ariana Grande’s makeup products are inspired by sci-fi, horror, and vintage spy movies. So, the beauty lineup can be the first choice for comic and other photographic programs.

What Is The Meaning Of R.E.M. Beauty?

Ariana Grande’s R.E.M beauty products company has a simple meaning. R.E.M stands for “rapid eye movement.” It is a step of sleep where our eyes move from one spot to another quickly to explore the dreamy world.

Ariana is one of the best models to perform the floating eyeliner trend. She thinks floating eye movement gives a similar spirit to focus on dreams. It could help anyone gain confidence and success, just like her.

Why Did Ariana Grande Name Her Make-Up Line R.E.M. Beauty?

Ariana believed that sometimes you could articulate your expression with eyes better than words. That’s why she named her company R.E.M beauty since the release date. Most of the products will transform the eyes. That’s why R.E.M beauty is significant even after representing an odd name.

However, Grande got the naming idea from one of her albums called, “Sweetener” where she came up with a song of the same name. She loved that name and eventually used it to build the product lineup.

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She often shared in interviews that the name encompassed a lot of her sound sonically.

How Much Money Has Ariana Grande Made From R.E.M. Beauty?

Ariana Grande became a part of forma brand’s revenue after teaming up with the beauty incubator. She made a handsome amount from the commercial spot and beauty product endorsement. Her perfume brand made nearly $150 million in the 2015 to 2020 timeline, which helped to increase her net worth.

Unfortunately, the R.E.M beauty lineup did not go as planned. Many people reported that it crossed the sales of Fenty Beauty, another beauty lineup by Rihanna. People assumed it because R.E.M beauty hit 1 million sales in 13 hours.

But, there was no good source that could prove R.E.M Beauty’s net revenue.

Are R.E.M. Beauty Products Expensive?

The R.E.M. Beauty Products might seem expensive compared to other available brands in the market. But, Ariana confirms that the makeup kits are too high profile. The packaging comes with higher standard materials, and the products’ design resembles the 60s fashion style.

Indeed the pop star is in love with retro fashion sense, which can create a positive impact.

Where To Buy Ariana Grande’s R.E.M. Beauty Products?

You can purchase R.E.M beauty products directly from their website and the Ulta and associate shops. Ulta is the official provider. The brand arrived online in April 2022.

Ulta chief Monica Arnaudo stated that they love to deliver products from someone who is long-standing and successful in their career. And Ariana Grande’s R.E.M beauty products would serve their purpose.

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What Is The Speciality of R.E.M. Beauty Products?

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Fashion is changing rapidly, so women have changed their tastes to the glossy and celestial look these days. To do that, Ariana Grande introduced the process of adopting her stunning look.

You can use gel, pallets, and lashes to calm your face. All the products are ophthalmologist tested, so your eyes will be safe and healthy. Also, they made cosmetics from cruelty-free and vegan materials.

The first cosmetics lineup contains 12 kinds of products. And they have released three chapters until now. More products will appear very soon.

Is R.E.M. Beauty On Instagram?

Yes! You can connect r.e.m. on the various social media platforms. You can find it on Instagram with the username The platform is full of the brand’s products and more.


Ariana Grande R.E.M. Beauty was intended to influence users to turn their most creative dreams to life. Hopefully, Grande had her stardom to make the brand popular in the marketplace. But, unlike other celebrities, she has to focus more on the brand rather than leaving it to someone else. Fans uncovered that Grande is trying to create a natural look with her products. She had almost fifty-five tattoos, but currently, some tattoos have been removed. So, if she pushes the R.E.M beauty products herself, fans are going to trust the products more and more.

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